'LEAN' Workflows to Improve Your Lab's Performance

Pathology laboratories are facing many changes, just like the rest of the world. People's workloads are increasing while the number of available skilled staff is reducing. Organizations, probably yours as well, are put under pressure to economize without compromising on the quality of patient care. The previous notion of reduced patient waiting times and improved workflow has now become a standard requirement.

Scientronics Ltd offers three workflows for pathology laboratories – for Histopathology, for IHC and ISH, and for Cytopathology – to meet the needs of pathology laboratories for automation.

SMART Automation for Histopathology

A continuous efficient workflow means working with small batches and workload levelling, enabling you to decrease turnaround times and improve efficiency. Systems and results will be ready when you want them to be. You will free up staff and are able to achieve more with the same number of people and systems. A good way to be prepared for the constant increase in cancer cases.

A continuous flow of samples also contributes to reduced levels of staff stress. The waiting time for large batches will be eliminated, automatically decreasing the daily stress to perform under pressure. As a result you will experience increased staff satisfaction, fewer human errors and in the end, less need for you to fill vacancies.

Just as important as the efficient workflow, is the unmatched performance in the field of same day diagnosis. Working with small batches during the entire process, from identification onto processing, embedding, staining and coverslipping, means increased unmatched speed and reduced patient waiting times. Results are ready the same day. Patient treatment starts sooner and patients' anxiety levels will decrease dramatically.

SMART Automation also results in a consistent high quality for all tissue samples, from biopsies to breast tissue. Automation and standardization of processes eliminate human errors and variation in end results, resulting in consistent high quality and a reduction in work that has to be redone. The proven technologies behind SMART Automation set the standard. SMART Automation guarantees excellent morphology and sharp nuclear details.

All diagnostics tests can be performed on one tissue sample, including molecular studies. These same day high quality results all lead to improved patient care. No more unnecessary waiting, but only excellent service in record times.

Read more about the Benefits of Continuous Workflow in Histopathology by visiting Sakura Tissue-Tek at

Fully Automated IHC and ISH Leica BOND-III

Total Performance for Faster, Better, More Efficient Slide Staining.

50% faster, No daily maintenance

Class-leading quality with superior Bond reagents and proven Covertile™ technology.

Key Features:

  1. Up to 50% Faster Three additional robots for bulk fluid dispensing provide stained slides to pathologists more quickly.
  2. Continuous Processing Three independent trays of 10 slides each allow continuous parallel processing.
  3. Simultaneous Detection Space for 36 reagents on four trays provides the flexibility to perform IHC and ISH with multiple detection systems at the same time.
  4. Faster is Better Bond-III's superior speed significantly improves productivity, reduces turnaround time and, most importantly, helps you deliver better patient care.
  5. Lean Histology™ Workflows Designed to optimize Lean Histology workflows, Bond-III increases uptime and reduces waste, while also providing LIS connectivity, eliminating the need for data entry.
  6. Easy Container Management High-capacity containers require less reagent and waste management, and can be filled without removal from the instrument.
  7. Less Reagent Management Real-time fluid status allows more efficient reagent management.
  8. Streamlined made simple Enhanced, easy-to-use software interface requires minimal staff time to learn and manage, and flexible modularity enables seamless addition of any member of the Bond family for expanded capacity as your lab grows.
  9. Covertile™ Technology Leica Microsystems' patented Covertile ensures gentle tissue care and low volume, uniform reagent coverage throughout the staining process, preserving tissue integrity and minimizing repeats.
  10. Staining Reagents A full range of Bond ready-to-use antibodies designed with Novocastra™ Science is preoptimized for Bond to ensure consistently high-quality staining.
  11. Compact Polymer™ Detection High concentration of enzyme for each antibody assures stains are crisp and well-defined, providing highly sensitive detection and specificity without background staining.
  12. Quality that's customized The flexibility within our advanced software allows simple customization and control of staining quality, matching the protocol to the needs of your lab and your pathologists.

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BD CytoRich™ for Non-GYN Cytopathology

CytoRich® Non-Gyn Process

  • Is compatible with multiple nongynecological specimen types.
  • Eliminates the necessity to create multiple slides for each specimen. One slide per specimen means quicker processing and screening times.
  • Allows for better evaluation of cytological features and interpretation of specimens.
  • Automated processing with the PrepStain® allows for consistency and reproducibility of slides.
  • Allows performance of adjunctive tests like cell blocks, molecular tests, immunocytology, etc.

For more information, review the CytoRich® Applications and Procedures

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