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Protect against Cervical Cancer

In Europe as a whole, there is an estimated 60,000 new cases and 30,000 deaths from cervical cancer every year, a statistic which makes cervical cancer the 7th most common cancer in European women. However, cervical cancer has a younger age of onset than most adult cancers, and it is therefore the 2nd most common cancer in women from 15-44 years of age. Women at this age are our mothers, our sisters, our daughters, and without screening and detection programs we leave them at risk.

Scientronics Ltd offers two platforms – one cytological and one molecular – for screening cervical samples for signs of lesions and for detection of Human Papillomavirus (HPV).

Introducing Nikon's latest evolution in clinical microscopy

The all-new Eclipse Ci Series features new ergonomics that make the microscope more comfortable than ever before, optical enhancements to speed up diagnosis time and digital imaging capabilities that go way beyond any microscopes in their class. And, for the first time ever, there’s a powerful motorized model that might possibly be the most advanced clinical microscope ever created.

Key Features

Ultra-bright LED Illumination – The Eclipse Ci-E and Ci-L models feature a power-saving, long-life, high-intensity LED illumination system that is three times brighter than previous Nikon systems.

Image Capture Button – In response to user demand for the easy image capture, the ECLIPSE Ci series has a built-in dedicated capture button on the microscope base. An optional digital imaging system supports simple camera settings and operation including capturing, measuring and image sharing.

All-new Camera Control Unit – The new Digital Sight DS-L3 is a stand-alone controller with a large-size touch panel, which allows simple setting and operation of a Digital Sight camera without a computer. The camera control is possible with mouse operation or touch panel operation by finger touch or stylus pen.

Enhanced Ergonomic Features – Eyepiece angle and extension are adjustable to ensure a comfortable observation position. Additionally the eyepoint height and stage height can be adjusted, and the stage handle has new features that make microscope operation smoother and more comfortable than ever before.

Versatile Observation Techniques – The high-intensity LED illumination and wide range of accessories enable phase contrast, darkfield and simple polarizing microscopy.

Advanced Collaboration and Image-sharing Functions – When mounting a Digital Sight series digital camera and the camera control unit DS-L3 to the ECLIPSE Ci, image sharing, consultation, and distance learning between multiple PCs is easy. This combination allows live streaming of images on the network through firmware so the capability of the network is not compromised by software. The split-screen capability for real-time comparison of low to high magnification images is an added convenience for remote consultation. In essence, this unique network addressable system is the most powerful tool for consulting in or between hospitals, presentations and conferences during academic meetings, inclass lectures and distance education.

Motorized Operation Available – Changing objectives can be changed with a one-touch button, and the pre-programmed light intensity is reproduced each time a given objective is used again. This and other aspects are useful when fast changeover in magnifications is necessary many times per day – less hand movement is needed.

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BD SurePath™ liquid-based Pap test

Redefining the early detection and clinical management of cancer

  • The BD SurePath™ liquid-based Pap test is the only FDA-approved Pap test which ensures 100% of the sample collected is sent to the lab for processing and analysis.
  • Our BD SurePath™ technology will ensure chain of custody and also decrease the chances of cross contamination.
  • The BD SurePath™ Cell Enrichment Process helps in eliminating up to 80% of the obscuring material, enabling you to easily visualize the diagnostically relevant cells.
  • The BD PrepStain™ Slide Processor will improve your lab’s workflow and productivity by allowing you to focus your time on those slides with the highest probability of containing an abnormality.

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The digene HC2 High-Risk HPV DNA Test

Hybrid Capture technology — the gold standard in HPV testing

The HPV test is also done on a sample of cervical cells and can often be done on the same sample collected for the Pap test. The digene HPV Test uses advanced, molecular technology to directly detect HPV types which cause 93% of pre-cancer cases. It is the most widely accepted HPV test, and has been validated extensively in conjunction with the Pap in clinical studies. One significant advantage is that the results are not dependent on the skills of the person examining the cells. Knowing whether you are positive for a high-risk HPV type shows if you are at risk for cervical cancer and if you will need further tests, or not.

  • Detection of 13 high-risk types of HPV with the hybrid capture 2 technology
  • Excellent and most validated results from big clinical trials (more than 1.000.000 samples)
  • Excellent clinical sensitivity
  • Optimal balance between clinical sensitivity and specificity
  • CE- marked and FDA-approved test
  • Test that utilizes genomic probes for all viral genome: not susceptible to inhibition or L1 region deletions (no PCR is involved)
  • Compatible with all cervical samplers
  • Typing possibility
  • Minimum risk for contamination
  • Trustworthy results within 4.5 hours

Digene HPV Test –the gold standard in HPV testing”.
For every woman’s health!

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Cervical Cancer Screening

Many problems that affect women cannot be detected without thorough periodic examinations by a healthcare professional. Combined with a healthy lifestyle, an annual visit to a healthcare professional is the best way for a woman to preserve her health.

A Pap test enables review of cells collected from epithelial tissue of the cervix to screen for cervical cancer and other abnormalities at an early and treatable stage.

How is the Pap Test performed?

A sampling device, like a brush or spatula, is used to scrape the surface of a woman’s cervix to collect a sample of cervical cells. The sample is then sent to a laboratory to be processed and reviewed by a qualified professional.

What is a Liquid-based Pap Test?

A liquid-based Pap test is collected like any other pap, but after collection the cervical cells are transferred into a preservative vial for processing instead of being smeared onto a slide, before being sent to a laboratory. This method preserves a greater number of cells for detection of abnormalities, and allows processing methods that improves detection of cervical lesions in the sample.

What is Human Papillomavirus (HPV)?

Almost all cervical cancers can be traced to an HPV infection that was originally transmitted through sexual intercourse. While most HPV infections are transient and last only a short time, a persistent infection puts you at much greater risk of developing cancer.

Protect yourself. Schedule a Pap test annually.

A positive result for either test does not necessarily indicate that you will develop cervical cancer, but it does alert you and your doctor before it’s too late.

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