Liquid Handling Automation

Liquid Handling Automation

We provide solutions from sample to result for companion diagnostics (oncology), infectious disease and transplantation testing, and detection of sexually transmitted diseases and latent tuberculosis.

At Scientronics, we strive to provide products that enable private and public facilities, hospitals and community clinics, and pathology and immunology labs to provide efficient and reliable diagnoses for patients based on clinical value.

Complete validated workflows provide standardized and reliable solutions for routine testing. Automation with QIAGEN's QIAsymphony RGQ integrates automated sample preparation and assay setup with detection on the Rotor-Gene Q to maximize your efficiency and optimize your workflows, from sample to result.

Along with our automated solutions, we provide a broad portfolio of diagnostic assays for pathogen detection, viral load monitoring, and companion diagnostic assays for determining an individual's mutation status.

QIAGEN QIAsymphony RGQ- Pure Flexibility

For integrated automated purification, assay setup, and detection for all molecular testing needs

  • Unprecedented flexibility
  • Workflow optimization and utility
  • Maximized ease of use and convenience
  • Regulated assays (CE-IVD) and laboratory-developed tests
  • Designed for largest range of applications

QIAGEN's new workflow solution comprises the QIAsymphony SP for sample preparation, the QIAsymphony AS for assay setup, and a broad range of ready-to-use assays on the Rotor-Gene Q real-time PCR cycler.

The QIAsymphony RGQ is the most versatile system for all molecular testing needs — today and tomorrow. The QIAsymphony RGQ allows consolidation of commercial assays, as well as in-house developed tests, on a single platform. Read more

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