General Lab ware and Equipment

General Lab ware and Equipment

General Labware and equipment

Today's demanding scientific research and analyses require the highest quality lab products. Scientronics' goal is to supply laboratory equipment and consumables that are tailored to your specific needs and meets your requirements for maximum performance and convenience.

Our partners are global leaders in a wide variety of applications:

  • Liquid handling
  • Life Science products
  • Volumetric instruments
  • Density/Temperature Instruments
  • Clinical Laboratory
  • Cryoware
  • Sample collection & storage
  • General Lab products

Our High-quality plasticware and glassware supplies are designed to perform flawlessly in demanding laboratory environments. Put your trust in proven products developed by industry experts for performance, usability and cost effectiveness.

In short, Scientronics is your partner for high performance laboratory equipment and consumables!

For more information, visit the webpages of our partners:



Automation Consumables

Compatibility with a wide range of laboratory instrumentation, including microplate readers, microplate washers, liquid handling instruments, automation accessories, and robotic systems.

PCR Consumables

Axygen PCR products are specifically designed for use within standard, gradient and real-time PCR applications. A wide variety of sizes, configurations and colors help researchers optimize this multi-step process.

Sample Preparation Solutions

Axygen AxyPrep™ Kits have been adopted by many life science research institutes worldwide. Our bioscience products continue to generate satisfaction for their excellent quality and performance.

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