Human Identity & Forensic Testing

Quality, speed, and accuracy in human identity testing

Certain human identification workflows present unique challenges, such as highly degraded DNA, high inhibitor contents, or samples containing DNA from multiple individuals. Testing facilities must be prepared to overcome these challenges using optimized protocols and applications of high-quality technology.

We understand that applications for human identification need dedicated products and protocols. We can support your lab in challenging scenarios, such as separation of sperm and epithelial cells for assault sample analysis, handling of deficiency cases in kinship testing, and purification of DNA from large samples of bone for anthropology or disaster victim identification.


We have everything you need for your forensic case work analysis and reference work. Our optimized, high-quality chemistry and instruments and dedicated protocols together yield the excellent results you require at every stage of the process from pre treatment and DNA purification to downstream analysis.

Each of our sample preparation instruments has dedicated automated protocols that focus on key aspects for DNA purification in forensic case work, such as complete sample traceability, superior inhibitor removal, and high process safety. Furthermore, the speed and reliability of these instruments meet the requirements of reference work and database. Our fully automated assay setup instruments reduce hands-on time, helping to improve time-to-result and prevent contamination. The Investigator assay kits feature very fast reaction speeds, high sensitivity, and excellent performance that have been validated for the conditions typical for forensic case work.

Illumina FGx system: Focused forensic power

First fully validated NGS system for forensic genomics

The MiSeq FGx Forensic Genomics System is designed for forensic genomics applications. The complete sample-to-answer system uses dedicated library preparation kits, customized instrument control software, and analytical software. These work together to support reliable analysis of both routine and challenging forensic samples. Read more

STR Technology

QIAGEN's Investigator STR portfolio of high-quality assays for human identification, with versatile coverage of markers recommended by international standards, including ESS, ISSOL, CODIS, and DAD. The assay kits are validated for the conditions encountered during forensic casework in internal studies and external field testing. Our approach enables pre-screening with triplex and hexaplex subsets, combinatorial bridging between CODIS and ESS, and application of deletion/insertion polymorphisms for human identification.

The portfolio includes the new Investigator STR Plus Kits, with new features, including a PCR speed of around 90 minutes, excellent inhibitor resistance and peak balance, and very high sensitivity and linearity. Read more

Assault Sample Analysis

Sexual assault samples pose particular challenges to the forensic laboratory. Effective lysis and careful separation of the sperm and epithelial fractions are essential to achieve the best possible results in downstream quantification and DNA profiling. Our specially designed differential wash protocols rise to meet this challenge, helping you to achieve success with even the most difficult samples.

QIAcube HID Differential Washing Station

For separation of sexual assault samples

  • Increased efficiency, due to reduced hands-on time
  • Reduced run-to-run variability
  • High process safety through reagent volume and plastics checks
  • Installation, IQ/OQ documentation, and validation support

The automated differential separation and wash protocol for sexual assault samples provides differential fraction separation and sperm pellet lysis of up to 6 samples in around 1 hour or up to 12 samples in around 90 minutes. It runs on the QIAcube and is compatible with EZ1 Advanced instruments and QIAamp DNA Investigator chemistries for downstream DNA purification. Read more

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