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Research Informatics

Illumina offers informatics software tools for a broad spectrum of research interests and focus areas. We have the applications you need, whether you're a biologist interested in the metabolism of microorganisms, or a researcher exploring tumorigenesis. Our bioinformatics software tools support the complete experimental workflow, including design, analysis, annotation, and understanding.

With BaseSpace Sequence Hub, our cloud-enabled environment for data management and analysis, we offer a complete solution that begins at the point of data generation – the sequencing instrument. It allows the scalable integration of best-in-class applications and algorithms into any lab workflow.

With BaseSpace Correlation Engine we enable understanding and analysis across data sets through sophisticated algorithms. This approach combines continuously curated public content with your own unique data sets and analysis. Together, BaseSpace Sequence Hub and BaseSpace Correlation Engine provide the essential research informatics components of the Illumina sample-to-answer solution.

Research Informatics Solutions


Sequencing Experiments

Illumina offers informatics software tools to help researchers rapidly and efficiently design any sequencing experiment. Click here

Analyze & Manage

Sequencing Data

Our sequencing data analysis and management tools enable the analysis, storage, management and tracking of genomic data. Click here


Biological Data

We empower researchers to turn genomic information into biological insight with powerful turnkey informatics tools. Click here

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