Animal & Food Testing

Animal & Food Testing

Because trust is the most important ingredient


Reliable food safety tests are crucial to be able to keep to product release times and increase confidence about your product. Preventing batch recall is not just about avoiding the associated costs. It is about protecting your company's reputation.

Real-time PCR is a rapid and reliable molecular method for the detection of DNA. It is highly sensitive and specific. With Realtime PCR Kits, you can detect DNA from pathogens and genetically modified organisms and authenticate ingredients. Food processing does not affect the results, and even difficult foodstuffs, like peanut butter and chocolate, can be tested.

Scientronics offers innovative, high-quality solutions for food safety testing. Our portfolio of food safety testing products is one of the broadest in the market.

DNA Isolation

During production, food is subjected to heat, irradiation, high pressure, and changes in pH which lead to DNA degradation and fragmentation. The DNeasy mericon Food Kit is the first universally applicable extraction method that generates optimal and reliable results, even when using strongly inhibitory, highly processed, fatty, acidic, high or low DNA content foods. In addition, establishing multiple lysis procedures for different food matrices is no longer necessary.

Food-Borne Pathogen Detection

Detecting food-borne pathogens as quickly and reliably as possible is a matter of public safety. Your food testing facility needs to prepare for both routine testing and outbreak scenarios. You can trust the accuracy, speed and efficiency of our Mericon Real-time PCR-based workflows for pathogen detection.

GMO DNA Detection

The labeling requirements for food and animal feed are increasingly strict worldwide. Food producers may have to list ingredients sourced from genetically modified organisms or prove the absence of such ingredients. Real-time PCR is a rapid, reliable and accurate way to screen food for genetic modifications. Our Mericon GMO Detection kits are target-specific kits, for some of the most commercially significant markers of genetic modification. The range is expanding and includes kits for specific GMOs and kits for the quantification of such DNA. Read more

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