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Our Company Profile

Our Goals

Our Vision

We are committed on providing
Better Diagnostics, Better Care,
for a Better and Brighter Life.





Our Mission

To translate our Vision into
every single day!





Our Valued Customers

Research Institutions / Centres
Diagnostic Centres
General State Laboratories
Veterinary Services
Food Industry

Be part of our Biotechnology and Healthcare Solutions!



Our Valued Partners

We have a specialised network of internationally recognized partners which give us a competitive advantage and the ability to build professional relationships with the customers through high quality of products. We constantly try to identify the local market's needs and the international scientific developments, in order to enrich our partner network with new partners that will contribute to the acquisition and transmission of knowledge.
We believe in the competitiveness and great value of services we offer. This leads us to responsibly follow the developments of science and to adapt to them.
The competitive advantage that distinguishes us is the emphasis to the product quality and integrated services to establish powerful and long-term relationship with the scientific community in Cyprus.



Our Team

Our People are comprised of distinguished executives with extensive experience in the healthcare and biotechnology, who offer with great responsibility, passion and commitment all their expertise to our customers.

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